Friday, January 30, 2009

Check out this video of a McDonald's flooded...

Watch it all float away. How many McDonald's are there in the Brick x Brick neighborhoods?

McDonald's flooded by Supaflex at The Architects' Journal from James Pallister on Vimeo.

Artists involved in Brick x Brick for 2009

Lead artists Michelle Weinberg and Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez have begun meeting with the four BXB groups.
This year we will also work with Mike Genovese and with the team of Guerra de la Paz.

Field trips planned on teacher planning days will bring us all together. Next week we plan to take advantage of a bus ride to document the transition from neighborhood to neighborhood. We will be guests of Lombardi Properties in Wynwood and visit some of Mr. David Lombardi's buildings there.

We'll visit Locust Projects, where Michelle Weinberg has installed "Hand Painted Warehouse" - a mural that blends the facade into the surrounding environment.

Drawing made using Sketchup!

Brick x Brick is a design and art lab

The groups at four different sites meet once per week after school to do design and art exercises that raise awareness of the built environment - and we use our imaginations to invent ways to improve it.

At the YWCA - and ---

--- At Girl Power in Liberty City

Can you find the person concealed in the camouflage environments below?

Camouflage in the neighborhood

Next, we will walk around the streets of Coconut Grove, Little Havana, Overtown and Liberty City, and analyze the color and shapes we see. Then we can design camouflage patterns for each neighborhood.

Here are some ways camouflage has used on surfaces of buildings.

What are all these patterns about?

Well, we're going to take a closer look at camouflage patterns.
Like these...

Brick x Brick is back in 2009!

We've begun new projects in Coconut Grove, Liberty City, Overtown and Little Havana.

Welcome to all our new Brick x Brick particpants! Check out some pictures of our first project - making original patterns and repeating them.