Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The sign collection is growing

Ritza, Chester and Catherine at Little Havana Institute came up with statements that they wanted to paint, and Mike Genovese provided step-by-step instructions and demonstration.

They did layout, measuring and lettering, and used spray paint, a Mahl stick for balance, and tempera paint.

Three newly trained sign painters!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sign Painting with Mike

Mike's next project is painting signs with original words by the students. After describing the pencil guides for each letter like the "skeleton of the body", Mike shows Lisette how to gracefully stroke the brush in a downward motion for each letter, and then to add contrasting shadow lines to make the letters stand out. A little fluorescent spray paint underneath kicks it up a bit more. Let's see what sayings the rest of the groups come up with. We're already thinking about our end of year exhibition.

Signs are everywhere in cities, advertising stores and properties. We've done a lot of our own research on signs, and now we have the chance to make our own.

Coconut Grove adds their mark to the aluminum panels

Now artist Mike Genovese's collaborative project has put in an appearance at all four Brick x Brick sites. Here at the Barnyard, Merrill, Kenyan and Shari are engraving. They also learned how to transfer found images from magazines using a small perforating tool and dusting it with a pounce bag, a traditional sign painter's technique.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Collaboration with Mike Genovese

It has been great working with Mike Genovese. Our group project is totally amazing! Everybody's leaving their mark, and it feels great to scratch and scribble on the board. Great for getting rid of stress...

These pics are from Girl Power, where the ladies tagged over what the group at Little Havana had done. Ah, but all the original work is still there, even under all the layers, everything changing together into a giant whole... Just goes to show what happens when you leave your mark on the world.

Mike will be back next week with a sign-painting project.

We will keep you posted with the dates of our upcoming exhibitions!!!

Snaps from our recent Field Trips

Among the many scenes we snapped while traveling between South Beach and Wynwood Arts District... Can you identify these public art works in Miami?

yeah, well....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy at a new project with artist Mike Genovese

We're back from Spring Break and at work with Brick x Brick guest artist Mike Genovese. He introduced his engraving technique to students at the Dowtown YWCA, and they made their mark on one of Genovese's participatory works. The public is invited to mark and write on each surface and later Genovese brings the piece to completion. Breann, Ashley and Deon are using carbide scratch tools to etch into the aluminum coated surface. Below is one of Mike's recent finished works. They also learned how to transfer a drawing to another surface using a perforation tool and a pounce bag. New tools from the world of sign painting!

Mike Genovese, Secrets and confessions #2, Audience centered metal drawing, 24" X 24", Baked Enamel Finish, 2008

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sasha Takes the Bus (and redesigns it)

Working in Photoshop with the Drawing Tablet, Sasha transformed the face of Miami-Dade Public Transportation!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Graffiti

The new legal graffiti. Take a picture of your area you would like to tag up. Upload it to photoshop and go to work.

Check out the Venus Project - right here in Florida!

Some people believe that architecture and design can improve social conditions for people. We already know that "green" building standards reduce our carbon emissions and save on energy. Right here in South Central Florida, the Venus Project is beginning to lay out plans for a futuristic way of life. Read and see more on their website. Field trip anyone????

From their website: "Phase One of The Venus Project is the twenty-five acre design center in still pristine south-central Florida, where the future is currently taking shape. The actual buildings and conference center are supplemented by models, illustrations, blueprints, posters, books and video presentations. These are the first steps that have been completed to help one see, feel, and touch the future."