Friday, January 28, 2011

@ Girl Power drawing.

Image transfer as a way to connect new ideas.

A new year in Girl Power!

The building is all fresh painted and bright, just like the new face and some familiar ones waiting
and ready to start making new art projects connected to our environment, our neighborhood and
our ideas. The best point to start is by drawing and image transfer.
Working from printed materials, each student got busy searching, marking, cutting, editing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The possibility of urban Storefronts

Check out this project in which large-scale photographs of storefronts were used as canvases for graffiti artists.

This work is a great inspiration for us at Brick by Brick - the city is our canvas!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

STEP THREE: transfer line drawings to environment

OK. So now, translate those line drawings from the paper sculpture to the wall, countertops, doors, floor - using tape!

STEP TWO: Line drawings from folded paper

So now you make line drawings of the folded paper model, to see which possibilities are the most interesting.

STEP ONE: Folded Paper

Imagine you have a giant sheet of steel, and it needs to become a public sculpture, or a roof of a concert hall. Folding paper is one way architects and designers - and artists - discover new forms. Some results from Mater Academy.

Mater Academy 2011 - Day One

The Dry-erase board.
An animation begins....Stay tuned!

Brick by Brick has a flickr account!

You know how to find it!

Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode is an artist born in South Africa, working in Berlin, Germany, who creates stop motion video works interacting with drawings on walls and floors - and more - outdoors in the city. Check out some video about him here.

We will create works inspired by Rhode's process on the street in our neighborhoods. We've already begun to practice using the dry-erase board!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Collaborative Graffito Drawing joins MAM's Permanent Collection!

Collaborative Graffito Drawing, Girl Power and Mater Academy, Miami, FL, Aluminum with baked enamel finish, 70 X 89 inches, 2010