Friday, January 25, 2013


Our group at  Mater Academy.

We meet for the first time this past Thursday with BXB artist Nereida Garcia Ferraz.
Genesis, Darcey, Ireti, Natalie, Aiton, Maria, Ale, Aneulin, the Akinde sisters and more to come!

Everyone is ready to make sculptures in open areas, photograph, create videos,
make some cool drawings and color the air with the projects coming up.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Stay tune.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brick x Brick Starts on a Roll at Girl Power

Our first project of the year started at Girl Power.  
This project is based on the work that we learned about from our instructor, 
artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez (Ms D).  

Ms D makes films by scratching on the filmstrip and coloring the images with Sharpies. 
Some of her films have cartoons and old TV commercials in them. 
After looking at her films, we got to work.

Our project also involves film, but instead of using regular movie film,
we are using something called microfilm.
These little rolls of film were used in libraries a long time ago
to watch "movies" in a special viewing machine

The microfilms we are working on have scenes from famous operas on them.  
But we are changing them by drawing & writing on frames with scratching tools and markers.

Because our theme for this year is "Landmark" instead of making a movie with it, 
we are going to make a curtain and install it somewhere inside Girl Power as a Landmark.

But first, it will be on view at our final exhibition at Little Haiti Cultural Center.