Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy at a new project with artist Mike Genovese

We're back from Spring Break and at work with Brick x Brick guest artist Mike Genovese. He introduced his engraving technique to students at the Dowtown YWCA, and they made their mark on one of Genovese's participatory works. The public is invited to mark and write on each surface and later Genovese brings the piece to completion. Breann, Ashley and Deon are using carbide scratch tools to etch into the aluminum coated surface. Below is one of Mike's recent finished works. They also learned how to transfer a drawing to another surface using a perforation tool and a pounce bag. New tools from the world of sign painting!

Mike Genovese, Secrets and confessions #2, Audience centered metal drawing, 24" X 24", Baked Enamel Finish, 2008

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