Monday, March 23, 2009

Karla Turcios visits BxB

Visual artist Karla Turcios working with students at Barnyard in Coconut Grove. Karla taught us how to do mask layers in Photoshop to insert our own images into photographs that we have taken during our walkaround shooting trips. With Karla's help, we've been doing "virtual tagging" of local walls in our neighborhoods.

It was great to work with a cool local artist who went to high school right here in Miami!

Karla's work is all about transformation, preservation and appropriation of imagery from urban landscapes. The way that she looks at cities, and the things that she preserves from them are way cool. Karla takes pictures of hand-painted signs from buildings in urban neighborhoods and re-inserts them into other urban landscapes in those same cities - especially in cases where the original imagery comes from a building that is destined for demolition, or where the buildings have been sold and the hand-painted signs on their walls will be done away with. In this way, she is helping to preserve the visual and cultural legacy of the city's neighborhoods. Karla has done this in several cities including Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Charlotte, Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and here in Miami.

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  1. It is a very creative work that Karla is doing. And very original. I have never seen this kind of work anywhere else. She will be remembered in times to come!!