Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brick x Brick 2012 is underway!

Artists Michelle Weinberg and Nereida Garcia Ferraz introduced the concept of small scale city models or maquettes to the groups at Girl Power in Liberty City. After establishing the differences between two-dimensional and three-dimensional, we began constructing a 3D cityscape using a ubiquitous 2D material - corrugated cardboard. After demonstrating a few basic cutting and building techniques with the group, they were off. Shortly, an amphitheater with sky box, towers and shops, public parks, streets and more were made. Next, the tabletop sets will be painted and documented by the girls with video and still photography, emphasizing the drama of architectural forms. Stay tuned for more great projects by both Girl Power and Mater Academy teens in the coming months!


  1. Can't wait to finish the whole city :3 so excited

  2. that last comment was from Aleysa, Mater Academy