Saturday, February 26, 2011

Field Trip to MAM construction site

It was hot and we had to wear hard hats, but we totally enjoyed riding the MetroRail to MAM's future location in Museum Park. We got a great tour from the Landscape Architect and the Contractor and actually learned a lot about the construction process and the materials, especially the way that they create different textures in concrete.

We got to see a sample of what the "vertical gardens" are going to look like and some of the plants that they plan to use. Our city is going to have one of the most awesome art museums in the world! Wow!!!

It was a tiring day, but we learned a lot. The ride on the MetroRail was great. A lot of us had never been on the MetroRail before. It was a whole new way to see the city of Miami!


  1. I went to this field trip and learned a lot about construction aswell as several things about how planning works and just how long it takes. It was a very fun and interesting experience which is to be expected from this program.
    By: Federico Paseiro

  2. this was a fun day. learning alot and injoying a day with friends. it was hot, and we were running around like free spirted souls. love it (pamela)

  3. the field trip was a great opportunity. To be on an active construction site and see the cement mockups was really interesting. - michelle

  4. i learned how the constrution of the miami art museum is in progress and the mechanics behind the builiding. in addition to the new museuem site,the old site (which is still in use until the construction is done)has amazing art work from new and old artist and the HARD HATS WERE AAAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fun day. I hope to join more fieldtrips.

  6. I loved this fieldtrip, i learned alot about constuction, and i had plenty of fun during this trip. it was amazing, i saw interesting pieces of art and i got to see more of downtown miami. Plus i love the hard hats :)

  7. I am very glad that all of you are learning so much about MAM and its construction process.

    The more involved you get with your museum the more you learn about everything because the source of knowledge that they offer to you through the work of artists they exhibit brings you to see life differently appreciating beauty and the arts everywhere you go.


    What's Up Miami?